How to Be Creative With Rope Lights

How to Be Creative With Rope Lights

There is no better way to add ambience to any indoor or outdoor space other than with colourful LED rope lights. Due to their energy efficiency and bright glow, they are one of the most versatile lighting options you can use as decorative and general-purpose lights. 


As mentioned earlier, rope lights are quite versatile and can be used in many ways to illuminate indoor or outdoor spaces. They are ideal for both residential and commercial use. In this blog, we'll be looking at a few creative ways to use rope lights.


Rope Lights for Outdoors

Although LED rope lights are popular for most indoor uses, they're also great for outdoors. They provide a vast, dispersed glow and can light up outdoors evenly. To use rope lights in an outdoor area, measure the length of the area, which you need to light up, and then assemble your rope lights according to the distance. Cut the appropriate length and ensure you properly insulate the open area to avoid electrical hazards.


It's always better to leave some extra length as you might need it later. If you run short of length after cutting and installing the lights, you can add smaller pieces later, but make sure you turn off the power before doing so. As rope lights are flexible, you can wind them around different objects. Whether you use them as a decorative or practical lighting source, you can wrap them around trees, poles, or other items outside your home.


Another way to utilise rope lights for a visually appealing effect is by laying them around garden beds or a pool. This way, you can outline the outdoor areas of your house and bring flowers and other decorations to the spotlight. A vibrant string of lights will double the elegance of your garden beds at night.


Illuminate Staircases and Railings

The new year is just around the corner and if you are running out of decoration ideas, get some vibrant LED rope lights like these from Factor LED. They create a fascinating effect and look really impressive at night. Wind rope lights around your stairs, balcony, gallery railings or walkways for an aesthetically pleasing result. 


You can also mount the strings under the edges of stairs to create a vivid lighting atmosphere. This will make your stairs visible by adding a decent glow. By installing rope lights in walkways and stairs, you can also save energy so you will not have to pay hefty electrical bills.




For Kitchen Lighting

You can use LED lights all year round to leave a long-lasting impression in the kitchen. This will wow your friends and guests when they visit your kitchen. For a minimalist design, hide the LED strings under the edges of cabinets. This way, you'll be able to highlight your kitchen slab and particular functional areas without exposing any excess light. Colourful strings of lights can be used during the festive season as well. For decorations, bright colours such as blue, red, purple, and green are the best. After the festive season, you can replace your colourful light threads with warm white or any neutral-coloured lights which are suitable for daily use.


For Lighting Up Pathways

Think creatively and illuminate your pathways using string lights. If you have a long pathway inside your house, like a garden pathway, you can outline it by laying down strings of lights. Make sure your rope lights are waterproof before using them. Use electrical tape to properly insulate the wires and fix the rope lights firmly using wire cord holders. 


Use LED Rope Lights as Studio Lights

Use a combination of different coloured LED rope lights to create a DIY studio at home. Bend the strings to create customised designs or display words using different strings. This is also great for birthdays and other events, as you can create custom decorations with a mix of varying rope lights. By installing rope lights in your DIY studio, you can shoot videos. It is also easy to customise your gaming setup using colourful light strings. Using RGB and other expensive lights is unnecessary when you can go smart and use LED rope lights to add elegance to your gaming setup without spending a fortune.


Use Rope Lights to Illuminate Closets 

Having trouble finding items inside your closet? Use rope lights around the inside corners and on the top of the ceiling to light up your wardrobe so you will next time avoid wasting five minutes while searching for that one sock in the corner.


Commercial Uses of LED Rope Lights

LED rope lights can illuminate billboard advertisements, panaflex boards, and other objects to promote your business. If you don't have a board, you can use rope lights individually by folding them to display words and signs. This will create a strong impact if you have a simple but unique brand sign. Rope lights can also be used to highlight different objects in a shop. For instance, you can use LED string lights to light up display racks in your store.


As discussed above, you can also light up your office countertops similar to the kitchen countertops. Install rope lights around the corners of the ceiling, and window frames, wind them around other objects or hang them down the ceiling. There is no one size fits all decoration method, so be unique and go with your style.


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